Speed Build : TLC5947 LED Brick

This board is designed to be daisy chained in any configuration necessary. The connectors are placed so, no matter the configuration, the edges will stay flush

Speed Build : Through-Hole ATmega16 Development Board

As part of my spot in IEEE, I was tasked to design a development board for the university as well as the club. This is mean to be easily assembled by new students and easily programmed with the inclusion of an embedded ATtiny45 based AVR programmer

Speed Build : 2x2 LED button matrix backpack

One of Sparkfuns awesome products is the button matrix keypad, but the control scheme can be confusing to extreme beginners to electronics. This board goes on the back of the button matrix and will act as a COM port to a PC that will send which button is being pressed.

Speed Build : SMD ATmega16 development board

One of our buyers for IEEE accidentally ordered the wrong kind of ATmega16 microcontrollers, ordering the TQFP option. Rather than letting them go to waste, I designed a board that would make use of them. This board is mean to be programmed with an Arduino bootloader.

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