Starting with the Arduino

I’ll be reporting on my latest arduino projects.  I feel that I will be a little more enthusiastic about this and will post on a more often schedule.  So here we go!

Lets start out with a basic discussion!

The arduino is an amazing place to start!  The arduino is an open-source microcontroller.  It comes in many shapes and sizes such as the Uno, Mega, Duemilanove.

The Uno is the main board at the time.  Be wary that there was an Uno before the current one and you may get tricked into buying an obsolete board.

The Mega is the one with the most outputs!  It is built for big projects (hence mega).  It features, among other things, much more digital pins.

The Duemilanove is very similar to the Uno in most respects although the Uno has a few upgrades, which is why its the most common one at this point.  A note from experience, the pin headers on the Uno are a teeny bit smaller than the Duemilanoves.

The Arduino boasts a very open community, and a strong forum presence.  The arduino also has many shields available.  Shields are like another circuit board that gets put on top of the arduino and it has a special function.  There are LCD shields, Ethernet shields,  Wireless shields, and many more.

Well that seems like enough for now.  Tomorrow comes alternatives to the Arduino and the pros and cons of each!

By Shannon Strutz

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