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New LED Wall prototype


As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on my LED Wall concept.  Well I did a revision of the board to make it square and to make it much smaller.  This will make the overall resolution much better, but also much more expensive.  That’s how it goes with all displays though.

I found a PCB service in china that does small production runs of the board, thing is to make it cost-effective, I had to make it 5cm by 5cm.  I have purchased items from the company before, although they are doing a beta test of their PCB service so I thought I’d try that out.  The company is Electrodragon and they are in Hong Kong or China, I’m not sure.  I believe they are a good company, trying to follow in Sparkfuns footsteps for that area.  If you can get past the horrible english translation, they seem to be well managed.

The picture below is the current board, the one that I sent off to be fabricated by Electrodragon.  It has a few changes from the video at the bottom, but not too many.

Fabrication prototype
Fabrication prototype

If you watch the  video below, you can see there are a few things that are different in the fabrication prototype compared to the board in the video.  I removed the silkscreen for the female headers and I changed the decoupling capacitor from a 1206 package to a 0603 package to better fit it, also those are the only size capacitors I have on hand.

To see the build, watch the video below:

LED wall prototype design version 2 from Shannon Strutz on Vimeo.

Original length = One hour, 15 minutes


Thanks for checking it out!


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