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New ARM Cortex Connector Library for Eagle and more

I’m working on a project that uses an ARM processor, probably from Freescale due to their extremely simple development environment.  I really wanted to use NXPs ARM line, but I’ve been trying for months to get their environment to work and it is just not happening.  Because we’re using ARM, I obviously need debug and programming headers and I found out I actually don’t have the symbols and footprints for Eagle so I went ahead and made them.  While I was working on it, I figured, “Well why not just make all of them?”, so I did.  The library can be downloaded below.  Please keep in mind that I did this in my free time today and I have not had any time to test the footprints, but from the documentation, they look to be correct.  If there are any issues with them, please let me know at my e-mail address (

download it  from Github, here is the link

I’ve also been able to update my Github repositories with new ARM programs.  Since, this semester we worked with Processor Expert, it is much easier to create a project.  I still want to work on some bare metal projects to get more intimate knowledge of the Cortex-M architecture although they do take quite a bit more time to work with.  Processor expert does a really good job of creating quick code, while it is still bare metal, the scripts generate the code much quicker.  If only NXP had something like that, or even a better project creation tool.  Seriously NXP, get it together.

Lately, when I haven’t been working on the ARM processor project, I’ve been working with the new TLC5958.  I gotta say it is a pretty awesome piece of hardware and I can’t wait to post up some details once I make more headway on it.

Till next time! – Shannon

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