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Interceptor overhaul

As a student, I tend to have quite a bit of free time.  That time is meant to be spent studying just like any good student would do.  In all honesty, I don’t study all too much, I do my fair share, but most of the time when I’m not studying, I’m looking at parts as I rarely go “out” or play any games.  I’m always working.  One of the great things about that is I am familiar with many parts and semiconductor companies out there.  One of the gems I found the other day is this puppy, the LPC4337.  Its gorgeous and includes the following:

1) Dual core ARM processors with an ARM Cortex M4 (with fhe FPU) and a co-processor ARM Cortex M0.
2) Both cores accessible to a single JTAG connection.
3) On-board HS USB interface with integrated PHY.
4) Two CAN bus controllers
5) Two I2C modules
6) One SPI module
7) An External Memory Controller
8) And a whole lot of GPIO

There are more features, but these are the ones I care most about.
All of these peripherals and capability gives me exactly what I need for my Interceptor project.  The LPC4337JET100 is a .8mm pitch BGA package so it’ll be a bit difficult for mounting and layout being a single individual, but I’ll manage.  Thankfully it isn’t a .65mm.

This of course means that I’ll be moving away from the XMOS microcontroller environment, a move that I’m not too sad about.  The XMOS environment, powerful as it is, lacks accurate documentation.  It turns out the design I spent 100+ hours working on uses a chip that XMOS no longer makes which was extremely disappointing.

If it wasn’t for this semesters Microprocessor system design course at my university, I wouldn’t be comfortable with the ARM IP at all.  While we did use the Freescale Freedom platform, I think I learned quite a bit.  Quick note to anybody, the Freescale Freedom platform has to be hands down one of the closed source low-cost development platforms I’ve ever seen, on top of that their documentation is not at a state where it doesn’t go over most of the hobbyist users that a low-cost platform attracts.

Alright so that’s the update!  Stay awesome!


By Shannon Strutz

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