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Development Board Design using PCBArtist


I had recently been tasked with designing a circuit board for my university’s IEEE branch.  The catch? I would be using a piece of software I had never used before.  Although I had stumbled across it, I never gave it an honest go.

PCBArtist is a piece of circuit design software that is offered by Advanced Circuits.  The software comes loaded with components in its large libraries.  That sounds great at first, but I noticed that it doesn’t sort them by packages, but rather by specific components.  That make sense considering PCBArtist has a schematic functionality as well altough it still makes designing a circuit board kind of tough when they don’t have your specific component.  Considering there are thousands of different integrated circuits and components out there, using the specific IC by IC strategy is just impractical.

Being a circuit designer who was brought up using EagleCAD, naturally I’m going t be looking for similar functionality, but this wasn’t just different, it was awful.  The software is not designed to be inventor friendly, but rather to be order-friendly.  It makes submitting your order extremely easy, but I”m not going to use a piece of software just so ordering can be easier if it sucks.

Quite frankly, its the least intuitive piece of circuit design software I’ve ever used.

The video below documents the build and is sped up to 32x speed.

UW-Stout dev board from Shannon Strutz on Vimeo.

By Shannon Strutz

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