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Custom board for Engineering Roundtable


My classes finished early today so I had sometime to make a new board!  This one isn’t anything too special as far as complexity goes.  You could dub it a TLC5947 breakout if you want.  This board was made after I saw the latest Engineering Roundtable episode from sparkfun.  Instead of using the TLC5940 to drive the LEDs, I chose the TLC5947 because it has more outputs, as well as using its SSOP package since it is easier to solder.  None of the parts are smaller than an 0603 size so it is easy to solder if you have some basic surface mount soldering and a steady hand.

The board takes power in from a computer peripheral, banana plugs, or barrel jack power supply.  It only uses the RJ-45 connectors for the signals whilst you’ll route the power using a seperate cable that could be more suited for the job of power delivery…now that I think about it, I’ll make another revision that doesn’t do that.  Be right back  (45 minutes later) Okay made another revision that sent power down each pair so that it would be more suited for single LEDs.  The first board is more suited for common anode RGB LEDs. The first board is the first revision, the 2nd one is the next revision (one that sends power down pairs).




RJ45 LED 2


I don’t plan on getting any of these made up, I was just sorta bored so I made them!  If anybody wants an assembled one, I’ll be happy to work with them

Thats all!


By Shannon Strutz

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