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CS42436 Evaluation Board completed!


Well it is proving difficult to find time to work on these projects while studying at university although I found some time last night!  I didn’t record this build because I didn’t plan on doing it last night.  Either way it got done!  On top of that, it only cost $11 for three of the PCBs

This board breaks out the CS42436 Audio in and out ports one, two, and three.  It has a 5×3 footprint for the MCLK frequency which I’ll be running at 24MHz.
The audio ports are meant to be connected with another board that has a passive filter.  I finished that one last night as well and looks like this:
Audio connector topaudio connector bottom
As you can see, I had a lot of fun with the silk screen for this board.

These will be arriving in-house in about 15 days hopefully and will be pretty sweet.  I’ll be ordering the parts tomorrow as well.

Well thats all for me!
I’ll be getting back to the power supplies hopefully before these boards arrive.



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