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So I wasn’t able to get a chance to get into the lab to solder today so I instead built my circuit for my other project, one I’ve been dying to do, an LED spectrum analyzer.  I’m still deciding whether I want to have it in a table or just have it in acrylic cases, but I was able to get a rough circuit down.  There are a few things that need to be worked out, wiring and such.

Led spectrum analyzer proto

It is driven by 10 TLC5940’s and I plan on getting it on its own microcontroller, separate from an the Arduino bootloader.  I will still be using an ATmega328p, primarily because I know that it will work with the 5940 and I’m just the most comfortable with it so it might as well be the first one I get on to that doesn’t have the Arduino Bootloader.


I also can show you a very very very early stage of my 4mote prototype.  At this point I’m still waiting on a shipment from Sparkfun, not that it should be here by now, I just ordered it at a funky time.  The 4mote gets its name because it will first have only four buttons.  I will expand this off to eight buttons later.  It is based off of Sparkfuns 2×2 LED Button matrix.  I have a couple extra buttons added that will actually be there in the final prototype, as manual navigation, but also for testing purposes.  The 4mote will be completely open source as it is aimed at independent developers and also I don’t like being closed off.

Big thanks to Laen at OSHPark for the board!!

4mote proto



Well thanks for checking in on me!  I’ll probably be updating a lot more in the near future before my spring semester classes get too tough.



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