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Component Inventory with OOP Python

With all the circuit designs I’ve created, managing what components I already have in my stash can get pretty annoying.

At one of my past employers, we had a really simple and clean inventory  management system.  This prompted me to create my own!  
The end goal: to create a system that takes the CSV from Digi-key, and eventually other distributors, and uses it to update a local CSV file which then gets used to create an HTML file.

While I’m not done with it, I have the core operation working.  Basically when I make an order on digi-key, I will download the order as a CSV file and parse it out.  The program then seperates each one into their own object type and organizes it all for export.  Once the organization is done, they are taken from their object types and used to update the existing local Inventory.csv file.

Once I have completed the project, I’ll be able to make a diagram as to how it all operates but as of now it is updating the local inventory file.  After this, converting to an HTML file will be trivial.  Thereafter I can work on expanding it to including the BOMs of my designs and automatically removing the used components from the inventory.


By Shannon Strutz

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