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Design Video : Atmega16 SMD PCB


Well here it is, a new PCB layout speed build video.  Its been a while since I’ve posted one, mainly because of mylack of motivation for the editing side of the video.
Thankfully this board was done entirely in one sitting so there wasn’t really any editing needed!

This board isn’t anything special.  My IEEE branch accidentally ordered some ATmega16 QFP packages, when we needed DIP so I figured I’d put them to use!
The board uses the FT234X from FTDI for the USB to UART bridge

I’ll be getting my laptop re-imaged here soon so I’ll have Adobe Premiere Pro thereafter so the videos will be re-uploaded with better video editing.

This video also marks my debut on youtube as well.  I’ve previously always been on Vimeo because it looks more professional, and I’ll keep embedding the Vimeo link in my posts as well as now including the youtube link.



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