CS42436 Evaluation Board completed!

Hello, Well it is proving difficult to find time to work on these projects while studying at university although I found some time last night!  I didn’t record this build because I didn’t plan on doing it last night.  Either way it got done!  On top of that, it only cost $11 for three of […]

LED = Bacon workshop

Hello, Its workshop time again!  I don’t think I put up the slideshow from 2 weeks ago so here is the one for this week! I know a lot of people wanted it. LEDs = Bacon If you want to take part in the activity portion, here is the link to the related github repository: […]

IEEE Introduction to AVR microcontroller workshop

Hello, If you are at the workshop right now, download the presentation so you can run at your own speed:  Intro to AVR programming If you are here for the extra bits of code, here they are! The folders in the repository that will apply to what you have learned thus far will probably be […]

Setting up USBasp for use with Atmel Studio 6

So you want to program AVRs from Atmel Studio with the USBasp?  Well I’ve written this guide for just that!  This was last updated on August 13th, 2015. Lke many of you, I was born into electronics with an Arduino and I was eager to move from that to just AVR microcontrollers.  While the code […]

IEEE Breadboarding workshop

Hello hello, Download this as a presentation! First off I’d like to say if you aren’t entirely clear on this topic once we are done, I would recommend e-mailing me and also downloading Fritzing here, moving on… You know how to solder, you generally know what the basic components do, and now its time to […]

New LED Wall prototype

Hello, As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on my LED Wall concept.  Well I did a revision of the board to make it square and to make it much smaller.  This will make the overall resolution much better, but also much more expensive.  That’s how it goes with all […]

Development Board Design using PCBArtist

Hello, I had recently been tasked with designing a circuit board for my university’s IEEE branch.  The catch? I would be using a piece of software I had never used before.  Although I had stumbled across it, I never gave it an honest go. PCBArtist is a piece of circuit design software that is offered […]

Couple New Additions!

Hello, So I wasn’t able to get a chance to get into the lab to solder today so I instead built my circuit for my other project, one I’ve been dying to do, an LED spectrum analyzer.  I’m still deciding whether I want to have it in a table or just have it in acrylic […]

LED (light-up) DRESS: Ravishing Roses

So I’ve been gone a while and I’ve been helping my friend with her dress for a fashion show. Honestly I never thought I would be working on a dress for a fashion show. It was a lot of work. Its basically just a parallel circuit with UV LEDs, which give off quite a bit […]

SMD Packages explained!

Hello! Well as a result of all the great feedback from the component packages, I’m doing another post about SMD packages!  I may be using some of the terminology from the last post in here as well, so just in case, here is the last post First off, SMD means Surface Mount Device; There is […]

Component Packages Totally Explained!

Hello! Personally, I’ve found all the little acronyms when looking for components to be a little confusing and I’m sure that I’m not the only one that’s been through that.  Whats a TSSOP? Whats the difference between SIP and DIP? It can get very frustrating, so this will explain everything for you! Well there are […]