Updating USBasp firmware with Arduino

Alright so you have a USBasp AVR programmer but you just can’t program with it, well you may need to update the firmware.  For some reason, most of the chinese vendors of the USBasp will ship them with old, bad firmware.  We can fix this with few materials. We need: Arduino Some hookup wires If […]

Returning to the interceptor!

NXP has released a new development board, the LPCXpresso4337.  As you can guess, it is an official NXP development board for the LPC4337 Dual core ARM Cortex-M4/M0 microcontroller.  This makes developing for the LPC4337 much much easier. In case you hadn’t been following the interceptor development, it is an entry-level real-time audio processing device.  Previous […]

Component Inventory with OOP Python

With all the circuit designs I’ve created, managing what components I already have in my stash can get pretty annoying. At one of my past employers, we had a really simple and clean inventory  management system.  This prompted me to create my own!  

Revised Recordings

I’ve been updating the website lately and I wasn’t a fan of the lack of quality videos. If you visit my youtube or vimeo, you’ll see around 12 videos although I’d say only about four of them are decent videos. Out of those four, I’d say only two are quality. That means that the other […]

Update on north necklace!

Its been a bit since I’ve given an update on the north necklace. I’ve assembled the custom FXOS8700CQ breakout board and have it all wired up.  At this point, I can communicate with it using the KL02 development board and get the magnetic measurements in their respective axis.  All that has to be done for […]

New ARM Cortex Connector Library for Eagle and more!

I’m working on a project that uses an ARM processor, probably from Freescale due to their extremely simple development environment.  I really wanted to use NXPs ARM line, but I’ve been trying for months to get their environment to work and it is just not happening.  Because we’re using ARM, I obviously need debug and […]

Switching Mode Power Supply Presentation

Hello! Well I’ve returned from my co-op and its time the low-down on switching mode power supplies.  I learned a lot and its time to spread the knowledge!  I’ve given a couple lectures using the following power point, which each lasted around a half hour to fourty minutes. Switching Mode Power Supplies -Shannon Strutz

Automatic SMPS tester, Senior Design, and much more!

Hello! Its been quite a while since I last posted.  Apart from my summer internship, my current 18 credit semester, and IEEE, I have had little time to post.  I’ll just be reporting very quickly on some of the things I’ve been up to. First off, one of my courses this semester is Computer Network […]

Interceptor overhaul

As a student, I tend to have quite a bit of free time.  That time is meant to be spent studying just like any good student would do.  In all honesty, I don’t study all too much, I do my fair share, but most of the time when I’m not studying, I’m looking at parts […]

Custom board for Engineering Roundtable

Hello! My classes finished early today so I had sometime to make a new board!  This one isn’t anything too special as far as complexity goes.  You could dub it a TLC5947 breakout if you want.  This board was made after I saw the latest Engineering Roundtable episode from sparkfun.  Instead of using the TLC5940 […]

TLC5947 Brick Speed Build

Hello, Yesterday was a pretty awesome day for many reasons, one of which is I finished a new video! I’ve designed a similar PCB before but I’ve been meaning to make a new revision for some time now and I just got to it yesterday.  This is the fifth revision of this specific design. So […]

Design Video : Atmega16 SMD PCB

HELLO ALL! Well here it is, a new PCB layout speed build video.  Its been a while since I’ve posted one, mainly because of mylack of motivation for the editing side of the video. Thankfully this board was done entirely in one sitting so there wasn’t really any editing needed! This board isn’t anything special. […]